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ClimateWire | 2005-09-21
Here's your personalised ClimateWire for today:
Firms pressure Russia to adopt Kyoto Protocol
Independent Online (South Africa)
Two top Russian firms, power monopoly UES and services group Sistema, pressed the government on Monday to pass laws needed to implement the Kyoto Protocol, saying a lack of clarity was endangering environmental projects.
Alberta firms studying ways to ship, sell CO2
Globe and Mail (Canada)
Major players in the oil sands of northern Alberta are in talks to form a consortium to turn carbon dioxide emissions from hot air into cold cash.
It would seem that I was wrong about big business
The Guardian (United Kingdom)
Corporations are ready to act on global warming but are thwarted by ministers who resist regulation in the name of the market
Alberta must take economic advantage of global warming : Oberg
Calgary Herald (Canada)
Alberta must take economic advantage of global warming or risk being left out in the cold, says Infrastructure Minister Lyle Oberg.
Climate change stalling poverty fight - Beckett
Green Consumer Guide (United Kingdom)
The effects climate change are jeopardising the fight against poverty and potential success of the Millennium Development Goals, UK Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett has claimed.
Latest warning is 'wake up call' - Green Party
Green Consumer Guide (United Kingdom)
New data that indicates dramatic global warming in the Arctic region should be classed as the latest 'wake up call' for governments around the world, according to the Green Party.
Forbes (Switzerland)
The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California last month issued an order denying a motion for summary dismissal in the case of Friends of the Earth and others versus officers of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation and Export-Import Bank, both wholly owned corporations of the U.S. government.
And now for January's weather forecast
The Guardian (United Kingdom)
The Met Office has released a severe weather warning for winter, predicting heavy snowfalls and bitter temperatures to come. How on earth do they know?
Judge declares global warming too political for US courts
The Register (United Kingdom)
A federal judge in New York has deemed the questions raised by a global warming lawsuit to be too political for the judiciary to deal with.
Your Planet: Putting back what you've taken out
The Independent (United Kingdom)
Trend-setting pop star KT Tunstall has not only achieved impressive record sales, but her latest album has gone... carbon neutral. Here she explains to Natasha Courtenay-Smith how she limits the damage caused by her work
Your planet: Low-impact lifestyles
The Independent (United Kingdom)
We are told that, to live sustainably, we need to reduce our CO emissions by two thirds. Is this really feasible? Absolutely, says Donnachadh McCarthy, who has transformed his London house into a low-carbon, climate-friendly home
Your Planet: The ten best green fashion buys
The Independent (United Kingdom)
The world's leaders may be largely ignoring the planet's plight - and your views about it. However, it is still possible for you to make your voice heard. The secret is to vote with your wallet
Your planet: Travel that doesn't cost the earth
The Independent (United Kingdom)
Given the environmental damage caused by air travel, can it ever be ethical to go on holiday overseas? Yes, says Anita Roddick, because in many parts of the planet tourism - of the responsible variety - is a vitally important force for good
Your Planet: How you can save it
The Independent (United Kingdom)
Who says that sustainable living has to be all about austerity and self-denial? On the contrary, says The Independent's green columnist, Julia Stephenson. Giving your lifestyle a radical eco-makeover can be thrilling, life-enhancing, good for your wallet, and surprisingly glamorous
Clinton carves out global role
USA Today (USA)
At the closing session of his Global Initiative conference last week, Bill Clinton stood atop a circular stage surrounded by rows of his faithful - people who had come from around the world to pay homage to his notion of the global village.
"Eco Earth" Environmental Sustainability Portal Relaunch
EcoEarth (USA)
Ecological Internet is proud to announce "Eco Earth", their new and expanded environmental sustainability portal.
European Union Online (Europa) (United Kingdom)
Building a common understanding on future global action against climate change will be the focus of an informal ministerial roundtable organised by the Canadian Government 23-24 Sept. 2005 in Ottawa.
Swedish scientists tinkle with diesel to reduce toxic emissions
European Union Online (Europa) (United Kingdom)
Adding urine to catalytic converters can cut toxic diesel exhaust emissions. The method, developed by researchers in southern Sweden, comes just in time to meet new EU requirements aimed at reducing diesel emissions for trucks and cars.
The Seminar on Linking the Kyoto Project-Based Mechanisms with the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) took place from 15-16 September 2005, in Vienna, Austria

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