Tuesday, November 08, 2005

climate news from truthout

Bill McKibben | One Roof at a Time
Bill McKibben explores the joys and delights of home-based solar power systems while he extols their new affordability as states kick in with rebate programs and more of us recognize how costly cheap fossil-fueled energy really is with its pollution and climate impacts.
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China to Spend 180 Billion Dollars to Boost Renewable Energy Use
China said Monday it would spend about 180 billion dollars over the next 15 years to increase its use of renewable energy - including solar, wind power and hydropower - to 15 percent of the total generated, up from the current seven percent
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Governor Brian Schweitzer | You Don't Need Oil to Make Fuel
Regarding America's dependence on foreign oil, Montana's governor says: "I think we can do better. Synfuel, ethanol, biodiesel, wind power, solar power, hydrogen, conservation - there is a range of energy alternatives that we can simply no longer afford to ignore. Washington needs to act on them."
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