Saturday, September 30, 2006

re: Letter to Cousin [re: impeach]

Sister: Mom mentioned my "conversations" with Cousin today... so i guess you said something ???

Well - FYI: he started it - - he baited me with his fascist shit, and i replied!

sure its hard for him to have a son in the war, but that doesn't change a thing that i say. it's too upsetting? get real! i am thinking of the next several decades, what will happen with our grandchildren.

he is the one who says "stop sending me your liberal rag" - [which i did a long time ago because of his BS replies; but he initiated the current stuff] - and, standing steadfast by the 'party rule,' always egging me on, he brings in shit which is just totally off - - (tell me what YOU think!) - -

- - stuff like "Don't bother with an answer.....your actions.....or lack of... tells the story (... Take your happy ass to the hot spots of the world where Bush and Haliburton has made corruption and correct it. Go forth and make friends out of our enemies.......Tell Al-Quida...or the president of Iran that your Christian cousin is all fucked up and you are there to make things better!...);" and "The invention of the condom and the distribution of them to thousands of Africans to save them from AIDS....what [you] think I'm heartless? do you honestly think that we should fuck with mother nature and alter natural letting thousands of over populated illiterate, malnutritioned blacks die ? ... If someone had your daughter down kicking the shit out of her....are you going to react to stop it....or talk?" and EVEN THEN: "hope for corporate sponsors [] so you can keep working to buy your cameras, Dobro's and do the capitalist thang!" -- (and much more, this is just a few snips).

SO: oh holy fucking SHIT! - give me a break! i do what i can every day, have been active for 30 years plus doing what i can every day... so perhaps i will put a compilation of our lovely correspondence together. guess i might do that, and print it all out and distribute copies.

his kind of thinking is what is fucking up our country, and our great-grandchildren will be paying for it - mark my word.

Keywords = Dereliction of Duty, Treason, Torture, War Crimes, Violation of The Constitution, Conspiracy... i can't get past that - and wouldn't even try to, no reason to.

SO: sorry! when i hear "don't send Cousin emails, they have a son who could die, its too upsetting for them" i JUST WANT TO PUKE! - because that kind of thinking is what only drives the madness further on. i have some bit of honor and integrity, i think... and torture and illegal wars just are not okay! i will stand against them in whatever way i can. if Cousin wants to just stay blind its his choice and unfortunate, but don't give me any shit for speaking up.


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