Thursday, October 13, 2005

Julia Butterflly Hill revisited

Butterfly (2000)
Living in an ancient redwood tree for over two years to prevent the tree from being clear-cut, Julia Butterfly Hill captured our hearts and minds by showing us that one person can make a difference. Through interviews with Hill, filmmaker Doug Wolens paints a portrait of an intensely spiritual and articulate woman who encountered both beauty and horror (she was assaulted by lumber company helicopters at one point) during her time above ground.
Starring: Julia Butterfly Hill

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This is a list for forest activists to discuss the implications for the conservation movement of the deal Julia Butterfly Hill made with the MAXXAM corporation, in the name of Earth First!, to buy one tree in an ancient forest for $50,000. Strong opinions on either side, as well as moderating voices are welcome. This list was started by a member of Julia's support team during her first year in Luna.

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