Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Re: Remove All Torturers from Power

wherever you are, whoever you are - lets make this a "World Declaration:"

Warfare is Illegal - Torture is Illegal

That is Our Declaration - It says: Sorry, you can't do that! No War. No Torture.

anyone dare to guess and tell me how many have suffered and/or died through the ages?

Will the lesson never be learned? We have had ages, but now: If our species, cultures, [what/ genre?], our "kind," is going to survive at all, we had better get over this territorial pissing contest shit! there are some other things we had better think about, and it is not how to build nuclear-winter-proof shelters. it will come down to live or die - so do we want it to be bloodbaths, hiding in our shelters; or do we want to make something better? paradise perhaps? that is what we were given, and we are fucking it up royally - so here is our chance to save a dream... hopefully, it will become more that just a dream, but i am becoming more pessimistic by the day... people have lived the dream, but people and their dreams may just become a thing of the past. - so do we want it to be bloodbaths, hiding in our shelters; or do we want to make something better?

how can we do this? make warfare illegal? make torture illegal? make environmental rape illegal? i thought it all was.. but, looking at the real situation, if most of the people who survive the upcoming "apocalypse" are the warmongers and torturers, we are in for some bad shit. we better clean this up quick! how would this be enforced? global cops? well, we don't want that, so how is this - -

how about if everyone in the world just throws down their arms and signs on, and stops trying to get or stay rich or whatever, and starts thinking? how about helping make the survival of our species a REALISTIC proposition? ...promote its health in a healthy environment? put the wealth of our minds and energy and resources into making it work, for the good of all? make our species healthy and sustainable in the paradise in which it was born?

sign on here?


why are they waging it? start a RESOLUTION/REVOLUTION - make it right!

who is torturing people? start a RESOLUTION/REVOLUTION - make it right!

what are the issues? how can you help with that? start a RESOLUTION/REVOLUTION - sign on here?

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Blogger strider_@_fornits said...

quote from Frida [would have to check other references] - "I prefer Evolution over Revolution... educate the poor... mobilize..."- ah. Diego Rivera, i believe

11:35 PM  

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