Saturday, November 26, 2005

repost | Date: 2000-05-01 | Hi! Are you a spook?


Date: 2000-05-01


Hi! Are you a spook?

Date: 2000-05-01

sorry... but every once in awhile this comes up...

* i know you are out there!

are you going to bash in my door with masks
and flack jackets and automatic destruction
just because you don't like what i do?

i have told people that if i ever get busted
for something like drug-selling or arms-smuggling
(or any other wierd shit) that they will know why

don't forget the destruction at waco [and that kind of stuff]
they'll just do what they want -
when it comes down to it you might just get busted or disappear or die!
don't forget seattle or A16... or this morning for that matter!
because the riot cops are ready to move and they have "the latest"

where have our rights gone? what of free speech? and what about peace?
what does that mean to you? control? clandestine operations?
raising a family that is whole and not under threat?
or watching your grandchildren play in nuclear waste? ????

..or what?

shit. i am thoroughly disgusted with the depravity of it all
and i truly hope that some minds will change

it just can't be about money and power anymore
its just too late for that
- human history must not just keep repeating itself
otherwise we will be extinct in short order
not surviving high tech combined with greed
and overpopulation and environmental stress

this globalization thing with its "corporate power" and the buying of
governments has got to go - thats all there is to it!

it has got to become this: the health of the planet and the health of its
inhabitants are the priority

at this point its just corporate domination and corruption of democracy
- that needs to change rapidly if this planet and our own species are to
survive what did you do today?



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