Wednesday, December 21, 2005

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The P.U.-litzer Prizes for 2005 | For Years, Bush Said Court Orders Required for Spying | The Breaking Strain | Senate Blocks ANWR Drilling | US Research 'Endangered Amazon Villagers'

Norman Solomon | The P.U.-litzer Prizes for 2005
More than a dozen years ago, Norman Solomon joined Jeff Cohen (founder of the media watch group FAIR) to establish the P.U.-litzer Prizes. Ever since then, the annual awards have given recognition to the stinkiest media performances of the year. And now, the fourteenth annual P.U.-litzer Prizes, for the foulest media performances of 2005.

For Years, Bush Said Court Orders Required for Spying
US President George W. Bush, currently battling a domestic spying controversy, used to assure Americans wary of expanded anti-terrorism powers that tapping telephones required a judge's go-ahead.

William Rivers Pitt | The Breaking Strain
William Rivers Pitt: If we as a nation do not impeach a sitting president for such a vast array of blatantly illegal activities - activities directed at the American people themselves - then as a nation of laws we have lost our way. We have no meaning. We are finished, and the ideals for which so many have served and fought and died are ashes. Intolerable. Impeachable.

Senate Blocks ANWR Drilling
The Senate blocked oil drilling in ANWR Wednesday, rejecting a must-pass defense spending bill where the quarter-century-old environmental issue had been placed to garner broader support.

US Research 'Endangered Amazon Villagers'
Health officials in Brazil have launched an investigation following claims that at least 10 impoverished Brazilians from an Amazon village may have contracted malaria while being used as human "guinea pigs" during a study by an American university.

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