Friday, November 24, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth - Climate Crisis

the climate crisis is the most serious thing we face, other than the possibility of a nuclear holocaust. drastic climate chage, perhaps much sooner than expected, is coming. it is not just a "possibilty" - climate change is happening now, and will be getting worse. we may still have time to turn it around...

so - what did you do today to reduce your contribution to carbon pollution?

- have you seen the movie "An Inconvenient Truth?" - if so: please be sure to pass the word. it is very good - especially for those who are "confused by the controversy" (which isn't really a controversy, all that doubt was created intentionally).

if you haven't seen it: get it now!

if you rented it, buy a copy and pass it around.

An Inconvenient Truth (2006)
- (@netflix) -
Director-producer Davis Guggenheim (HBO's "Deadwood") captures former Vice President Al Gore in the midst of waging a passionate campaign -- not for the White House, but for the environment. Laying out the facts of global warming without getting political, Gore makes a sobering impression on the audiences who hear his message, urging them to act "boldly, quickly and wisely" … before it's too late to act at all.




Anonymous Mariana said...

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