Saturday, September 17, 2005

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just posted to /RENEGADE/ [website] -

Dr. Jay Gould, author of Deadly Deceit and The Enemy Within, has passed away at 90 -

[EF!] Update from the Redwoods -

and something from one of my favorite sources -

[PIE] Pastry Action Roundup -


...The schedule of lecturers on college campuses around the
country has begun reading like the police blotter: Conservative
author Ann Coulter˜hit by a pie tossed by two attackers last year.
Conservative editor William Kristol˜hit by an ice cream pie at a
Quaker college in Indiana in March. Really conservative guy Pat
Buchanan hit by salad dressing two days later.
Liberal-turned-conservative author David Horowitz˜hit by a chocolate
cream pie a few days after that.

It's disgusting, isn‚t it? The salad dressing, I mean. Everyone
knows that salad dressing is simply not an effective medium for
expressing dissent. But pie on the other hand...

complete article >>>

Search /RENEGADE/ for articles on pie action -
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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Observations of a Small Town Hick

this guy posted something he found on my blog today - the "FASCISM ANYONE?" article... so i checked out his blog, liked what i saw... [pssst: he could still be a plant! i am not vouching for anyone] >>> Observations of a Small Town Hick

Sunday, September 11, 2005

911 Revisited

September 11 Revisited by William Rivers Pitt -

9/11 and Manipulation of the USA by Norman Solomon -