Saturday, September 27, 2008

Re: anarchist strategy

actually, as you might have ascertained by now: i am not just an
anarchist, but a "radical american patriot" who does not appreciate
our entire economy being hijacked by "corporations," with our motto of
"PEACE AND JUSTICE FOR ALL" being entirely corrupted in the process.

corporations need to be abolished - - people need to show their faces,
and be accountable for their actions.

incorporation is one of the most basic flaws of the current system, i
think. 1

corporations allow people to hide behind their titles while they and
their corporation rake in the profits and commit abuses.

a corporation is not a person (even though it is defined so by law),
and the people behind it... well, some of them commit suicide, while
others live fat and screw everyone else. one or two of them get
thrown in jail, but the corp? ~ it gets a bailout.

one might as well be a real pirate, patch and all. how about we don't
let it continue? 2

On Sep 27, 2008, at 8:50 PM, Rob wrote:

get Obama elected - (we simply cannot have another republican fascist asshole running the state / and "liberal" would be better, no doubt).

put the screws to him once in office and demand REAL CHANGE.

that means: cut the balls off of the corporations and their governmental conspirators,
and take this country back for the People.

it would involve some "diplomacy," but at least some progress could be made
towards a real working situation.

what do you think?

1 (this entire bank failure thing, for example? - who was looking the other way? - WHERE IS THE MONEY? {follow the money})

2 regarding the stranglehold? - one could just not pay and say: "great! throw me in jail, fuck up my life - you won't get your profit, you will make my business fail, it will cost you money, and you have actually just made my point. unless you are willing to just shoot me in the head in order for me to shut up, please go away and desist. if your political agenda is such that you need to shoot me, then you are really just not deserving of human life yourself.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

language is essential

language is essential.

if you know nothing more than "kill you,"
then that is all will you think...

re: blood thirsty hedonists - try global anarchist peace

re: blood thirsty hedonists -

try a global anarchist peace ~ and building gardens!

go talk to your best friend,
then the two of you go find your best friends,
and then ask them what they think.

get toghether, agree to put down weapons
(at least just store them for defensive use only);
and, rather that fight against each other:
Begin nurturing the earth and our peoples!

talk to all of your friends... ask them what they think.

what do you think?

"tell me where is sanity?" - (I'd Love To Change The World, Alivin Lee)

language is essential.

if you know nothing more than "kill you,"
then that is all will you think...