Sunday, April 08, 2007

ALERT: re "at fornits" stuff

ALERT: re "at fornits" stuff - most of that "at fornits" stuff is now history my friends. sorry

This now includes my email addresses - loads of lost emails, sorry!

the article server is extinct - none of those links will work!
(server swaps & glitches... someone drops off, sorry! its gone.)

>> the end of an era!

who knows? i may put up an archive of the nearly 9,000 articles that /RENEGADE/ used to serve up,
but i am not sure how that could work... maybe try to restore
some of the links and other resources at some point (?) who knows?

a new era! maybe no time for all that now. there have been those things; now:
mabye something else, some different things...

watch my blogs for updates -

Strider's RENEGADE [activism]
Strider's REDEMPTION SONG [movies, music &

!!! a special message to bar: are you enjoying the music?

and, as always: