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Thursday, June 19, 2008

To Wolf Blitzer: Just Say No to Cocaine Energy Dealers

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To Wolf Blitzer: Just Say No to Cocaine Energy Dealers
by Andy Caffrey
June 18, 2008

The Republicans can only offer us a Cocaine Energy Policy because they are the ones who took us out to the end of the plank (the brink of economic collapse), where we find ourselves today. On the brink of planetary collapse and all these addicts can do is say drill for more Cocaine (concentrated sources of energy). They are the Cocaine Energy Dealers. To them concentrated energy sources are the only solutions to the high gas prices they caused to make themselves rich! This is organized crime. So every time I see one of these Fossil Fool Dealers on your show I wonder why you can't see them as criminals and traitors, and why you offer them respect. Why not have the Mafia do a weekly economics advice spot on your show, then?

The plank they built and have now taken us to the end of is our high energy-gobbling consumerist capitalist economy. All of us are dependent on it for sustaining our lives, and now we realize it is the cause of our problems. For four decades we should have been building decentralized, sustainable economies which ecological activists have been arguing for since the days of Small Is Beautiful. Yet you ignored them, and tragically and criminally, you still do. Why don't you get Amory Lovins or Paul Hawken or Hazel Henderson or Dave Foreman on your show?

It is either criminal or insane in this day when the Arctic ice cap is due to disappear in five years to promote cocaine, er burning more petroleum. It has been 38 years since the first Earth Day, a day when we should have launched an all-out campaign to go solar. But the Republicans and Democrats instead acted in collusion with the oil and transportation corporations to keep the big contracts flowing. Now we are in a climate crisis that they are solely and criminally responsible for, and you have been genteel with these people every step of the way, Wolf!

Instead of interviewing these psychotics and psychopaths, Wolf, why don't you talk about this criminal collusion that will most likely destroy our civilization and the ecosphere of the planet? Wake up! All of these people should immediately resign for their engagement in decades of criminal collusion that threatens the security of our entire nation. Siding with the enemies of America, the people who are destroying our country and the planet should now resign and all be tried for treason.

New Orleans was more destroyed by the Republi-Dem generated climate crisis during Katrina than the British attacks in the War of 1812. So effectively supporting the oil and coal industry, and allowing them to make the climate crisis worse even now, is worse than supporting foreign enemies. So these advocates of more drilling are traitors who should be tried and hung for treason NOW. They've killed and doomed far more Americans than their one-time friends and partners in global crime Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden ever did.

Why can't you see that, Wolf? Why the charade? If you can't see the obvious, and insist on telling us, or having guests on your shows who tell us day after mind-numbing day about the emperor's splendid finery, then resign! We don't need blind men to tell us about the news.

Today you had a Republican Congressman on your show who deceptively said we have better technology that can prevent oil spills. I just had to laugh at how ridiculous that lie is, before I cried at the realization that you let that lie-along with thousands of others over the years-pass on to your viewers unchallenged. You see we have had two oil spills in the Bay Area alone in just the last year! What he said is absolute nonsense and propaganda, and you were either too ignorant or too dim to call him on it.

He said no one could have predicted the recent increase in demand for oil ("No one could have predicted..." where have I heard that from Republicans before?). Another lie you let pass. There is an entire movement in this country that has been teaching about Peak Oil and the impending collapse of the consumer economy for years. As a Green, I've been warning about this since 1979! But you never have on your shows Peak Oil activists, Green Party activists (except Nader), or those scholars who have been using science to predict for decades the collapse of civilization from our energy policies. We've been telling you fossil fuels and nuclear are a pirate ship's plank, but you never listen.

Nuclear is not an option either because it is only economically viable because of the Price-Andeson Act which makes American taxpayers the insurers of nuclear disasters. If the nuclear companies had to buy such liability coverage from private firms, they wouldn't be able to afford it and the nuclear industry would shut down. Further, how is it economically moral to use nuclear for our benefit for the next fifty years or so, and force the next one million years of humanity to tax themselves to isolate themselves from our generated nuclear waste? How can we foist a permanent tax of that kind on our descendants for a million years?

But you have plenty of interviews with people who still believe God created the universe in a week, even though, according to that scenario, days weren't even created until the fourth day. You can't have days on Earth until you have the sun, which wasn't created until the celestial bodies were created on day four.

Don't you go insane hearing these people every hour-after-hour on your shows? Or maybe you are insane and agree with them?

There is only one solution to our energy-climate crisis, and that's a war effort to decentralize our economy and move toward steady-state economics as fast as humanly possible. We must localize, not globalize economic power. Any reforms of Big Corporate Capitalism will only make it worse, will only make us bigger Cocaine Energy addicts. The days of depending on a global economy are over.

Eighty percent or more of centrally-generated power is lost in transmission lines before it reaches its end use. If we create our energy at the point of its end use then we only have to replace with renewables and conservation the 20% that reaches the user. So we don't have to replace kilowatt for kilowatt the energy that is now generated. But that would mean eighty percent less energy sold by the big corporations! For that reason, the traitors of America sided with the energy corporations and violated their sworn oathes of office to protect Americans and their property. And you have helped these people ever since your first broadcast.

So when you look at these floods and other weather disasters around the world, Wolf, please stop thinking of them as natural disasters and start asking, what policies by which politicians, written by which corporations brought us to this point. And join us on the side that is fighting them!

So please, Wolf, no more Cocaine Energy Dealers on your show, OK? Just Say No to Cocaine Energy.

Welcome to Pompeii, Wolf,

Andy Caffrey
World's First Virtual Candidate
Actual candidate for U.S. Congress 2010
CA, First District