Saturday, August 16, 2008

questionnaire - your cooking oil? {thought for the day}

what do you do with it when you are done cooking?

- - the cooking oil, oil packing (sardines, for example - packed in oil) -
- "kitchen oils," you know?

what do you do? - wash it down the drain with a bunch of hot water and
soap ?? (water waste, and carbon plus phosphate pollutions?)

this is a major resource if we recycle all that from all our kitchens, plus we would save water and stuff.

Monday, August 11, 2008

100 pounds

10 pounds of seed

10 pounds of gold

10 pounds of ammo

10 pounds of steel

10 pounds of paper and pens

10 pounds of solar...

- what else?

we need those centuries of knowledge of course, and then:

another 10 pounds of seeds, and another 10 pounds of gold...

that makes 80.

- what else?

- maybe i can only do 80, but let's add another 10 pounds of steel,
and we may be good.