Monday, February 05, 2007


why would i be interested in a latin american revolutionary? [question arose in relation to the movie "Motocycle Diaries" / but then, why would i be interested in watching a foreign language movie to begin with? / and ~then: why even question, why the effort? - aren't we comfortable?]

WELL: we are not alone in this world. what do "they" think? "we all" had better start thinking about it. that would be in "our" best interests, no? think about the future?

bottom line is that we live in a rascist, imperialistic and hegemonic republic; and things don't look so great as far as the present trajectory of "our" world goes - considering envirionment, society... sustainability. sorry, i am not very optimistic until i see a whole bunch of minds turn and some major changes taking place.

Hegemony From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hegemony (pronounced he'gem.?.ni or h?'d??.m?.ni) (Greek: hgemon?a he¯gemonía) is the dominance of one group over other groups, with or without the threat of force, to the extent that, for instance, the dominant party can dictate the terms of trade to its advantage; more broadly, cultural perspectives become skewed to favor the dominant group. The cultural control that hegemony asserts affects commonplace patterns of thought: hegemony controls the way new ideas are rejected or become naturalized in a process that subtly alters notions of common sense in a given society.

Hegemony results in the empowerment of certain cultural beliefs, values, and practices to the submersion and partial exclusion of others. Hegemony influences the perspective of mainstream history, as history is written by the victors for a congruent readership.