Tuesday, July 11, 2006

letter to cousin

ever think about how many thousands of people have been saved by one person here and there, by some sort of effort on their part? or maybe you would rather think about how many killed?

do you ever picture the wastelands of war? ...the plants and animals are all gone; the soil is eroding away...

well, we are talking about saving millions of lives, if not literally the whole planet and our very own race - Earth's entire ecosystem, in fact. nukes are simply unacceptable - no questions asked, and not to mention a bunch of other things.

one has to have at least a few principles, right?

<<< that is a period there, on "no nukes;" and it doesn't matter who has or wants them! diplomacy and negotiation are the only answer here. hopefully the lunatics will find some reason, and our scientific community will be able to save the planet from deadly contaminations over the next several hundreds of thousands of years.

my point, my Cousin, is that it is all of our making,- our Forefathers and now Us who might continue it - and its coming up to "all or nothing." so we are "at the gate" - Lord of the Rings, huh? its up to us to fix it and not continue the old ways of violence and corruption.

so it is this: "Christ! either shit or get off the fucking train, right?"

i said i wouldn't be getting into a pissing contest with you, and sorry about the quotes - i should have stuck with that first one...

you and i just may not agree on the approach. uh, yeah - i guess thats it: you have it all wrong! i am not a liberal = i am a fucking radical! my dear cousin !!! because that is what its going to take - a bit of outside the box thinking, and an ability to challenge the status quo at the very least! these are radical times - just wait and see how crazy it gets = i'll take bets! none of those shelters or safe suits would matter... our entire thinking has to change.

- the first quote that i should have just stuck with -
He who joyfully marches in rank and file has already earned my contempt.
He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord
would suffice.
- Albert Einstein


people have made all this shit up - its our own doing, and its time it was undone else we won't survive

"touch not that most unclean thing"

this is not Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings...

"they" [as in "big brother is going to take care of >>them??"] -
- they/them- are not Wargs - they are people who we are going to have to
live with on this planet. why train them to hate us?

our society is so screwed up!
just think if all those billions went into
creating a truly sane and just society
instead of all the technology needed
to send smart bombs
upon the most politically
and financially lucrative

its all about power and control, Cousin

we can do much better than that

Monday, July 10, 2006

we want YOU !!!

we want YOU !!!